Coalition of Clergy – Faith Base Community Meetings

by Annette M. Johnson

A series of community meetings have started in Pike Township with the Faith Base Community under the leadership of the newly Elected Pike Township Trustee Annette M. Johnson. They are called the “Coalition of Clergy and Pastors.” The goal is to gather information from the clergy, pastors and other community shareholders to share what services their congregations or organizations offer to partnership with the Trustee’s Office. The Trustee’s Office main focus is to offer “Emergency Service” to residents in need. Residents are also invited to gather and give input.

The group meets Bi-Monthly. Various Church’s in Pike Township have hosted the breakfast. The audience of stakeholders and community leaders along with clergy and pastors has been good. The month of June was hosted by Pastor Michael O. Bryant of Westside Missionary Baptist Church located in Pike Township.

As the goal is to bring about information, the guests for the May meeting were John Gibson and Richard Clough of Resilient Pike. Their Topic Was: The Resilient Pike Team. Mr. Gibson and Mr. Clough shared how they and other volunteers in this organization work to help Pike Township face future challenges from a changing climate and a changing world.

The topic was good and I saw a good connection between speakers, clergy and community members. The next meeting will be Thursday, July 25. The Host Church will be North Liberty Christian Church located at 5429 Lafayette Rd. with Pastor Ralph Lemmon.

Any questions about upcoming meetings or how to be a guest speaker contact:

Pike Township Trustee Annette M. Johnson – 317-291-5801.

Andy Fry