The Long Walk


Talk is cheap.  Walking the walk is much harder.  Brad Morton has been walking the walk on solar energy as long as anybody in the state.  In fact, Morton Solar is one of the three oldest solar energy companies in Indiana and has completed more projects than any other in the state.

 Brad grew up in Indiana coal country and witnessed firsthand the health and environmental consequences of coal.  He later went on to obtain degrees in both electrical and mechanical engineering, and also holds master electrician licenses in three states.  With all of these degrees and certifications, it would have been easy for Brad to get a well paying job working in another field. Certainly, as a family man with three children, it had to be tempting.  Instead, he took the road less travelled—and it has not been an easy one.   Brad started his own solar company in 2006, when solar energy was still in its infancy.  Since that time, Morton Solar has completed landmark projects.  In Indiana, Brad helped to construct the nations’ first net zero library in the small town of Chrisney.  In Kentucky, Morton helped to build the nations’ first net zero school.

The road for Brad and Morton Solar has certainly not been one without major obstacles.  Brad has been on the forefront of a number of critical battles in the State of Indiana.  In addition to being  one of the founding board members of the Indiana  Renewable Energy Association, Brad has been very politically active in the state and was instrumental in prodding state lawmakers to assure that individuals, businesses, and other institutions in the state would be able to utilize net metering for renewable energy.  In 2010, Morton solar was forced to file suit against a major power company in Southern Indiana due to this company’s policy of placing repeated unreasonable impediments to Morton Solar customers.  Not a pleasant experience to be sure, but necessary.  Thankfully, the finding was  in favor of Morton and this continues to benefit those who opt for renewable energy in Southern Indiana to this day. 

Morton Solar has been a leader in renewable energy, both at the state and the national level and has achieved many certifications, a BBB rating of A+, and numerous accolades from his customers.  It’s a tough field to be in with all of the powerful business and interest groups actively attempting to undermine your success.  Despite this, Brad continues to walk the walk. Solar is growing though, and, hopefully, those of us who are committed to cleaner, renewable energy can provide Brad and others like him with some company and support on the rest of this important journey.

-story provided by Carol  R. Oglesby, Chairperson of EACC