Swift Enterprises

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A renewable bio-mass derived fuels for aviation and liquid direct proton fuel cells

“Better Chemistry For A Better World” established in 2001, Swift Enterprises' employees are working to advance the areas of power, energy, and propulsion. Swift is comprised of a variety of forward-thinking individuals with varied experience and educational backgrounds, all working together to develop practical solutions to energy problems currently facing the U.S. The company's facilities in the Purdue Research Park allow Swift to perform extensive laboratory testing, process and performance simulations, and in-house prototyping, all of which is integral to moving technologies toward commercialization. Whenever possible, Swift utilizes the services of industry-recognized third-party laboratories to validate in-house findings. Along with its advisors and partners, Swift Enterprises is continuing to assist the United States in its push for energy independence. Several employees have graduated from Purdue University, which is known as the ‘Cradle of Astronauts.

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Brian Stirm 765-464-8336 Ext 35 brian.stirm@swiftenterprisescom www.swiftenterprises.com