Purdue Solar Racing

532956_538169442888519_1250765555_n West Lafayette, Region #9

Purdue Solar Racing is a student organization committed to two philosophies: Building and racing a competitive solar powered vehicle and educating the public about the possibilities of renewable energy. Through teamwork and innovation each team member will gain knowledge in every aspect of the vehicle while helping the world take a step in the right direction for meeting our future energy needs.

Celeritas is PSR’s newest car. Celeritas competed in the 2011 Shell Eco-Marathon, as Purdue Solar Racing’s first Urban Concept Vehicle. Celeritas had great success with an equivalent mpg of 2,175, and won the Solar Urban Concept category. Celeritas also completed in the 2012 Shell Eco-Marathon and again won the Solar Urban Concept category, achieving an improved mileage of 2,250 mpg. The team is currently designing and building its 9th car.

Contact Information: 

Ted Pesyna, President www.Purduesolar.org