IPL Green Power Option

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One Monument Circle

P.O. Box 1595

Indianapolis,  IN 46206-1595


reports that in the 10 year history of the program there has never been a year in which enrollment has not increased over the previous year.  When a customer chooses to participate in the “green power” program, the utility matches the customer’s enrolled electricity use with renewable energy. This ensures that for every kilowatt hour of electricity used by the customer, another kilowatt hour of electricity, generated from renewable resources like wind power, is delivered to the power grid.

At the end of November 2011, IPL’s Green Power Option had 4,099 customers.  Taken together, these purchases of renewable energy accounted for about 88,000 metric tons of avoided C02 emissions.  This is the equivalent of taking more than 17,000 passenger cars off the roads for a year.

In fact, IPL’s Green Power Option made NREL’s (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) “Top 10” list out of 850 utilities across the US for offering the lowest incremental cost to its customers for renewable power (current rate is 0.001 cents per kw hour).

That’s not all.  IPL provides more than $2 million annually in community support, 850 IPL employees logged more than 11,100 volunteer hours in 2016, 43 volunteers regularly provide meals to kids at the Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, more than 300 volunteers beautified parks around Indianapolis and IPL matches employee’s volunteer hours with a donation of $10 per hour for up to 50 hours per year to a non-profit of their choice.

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Indianapolis Power & Light Company is headquartered at One Monument Circle, P.O. Box 1595, Indianapolis, IN 46206-1595.  Their website is www.IPLpower.com.

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