Poem: Open Letter to Last Night's Passerby

Open Letter to Last Night’s Passersby I wanted to thank you, personally, for the shitty diaper you left by the side of the road last night. It landed right beside your container of all-natural juice, made with five and three-quarters apples, three bananas, and twenty-seven blueberries. It was organic, though I don’t know its container’s half-life when it lands on the concrete and asphalt of a city street. We could probably figure it out, and just how long it would take for someone to educate your ignorant self on what to do with trash when you decide to clean out your car as you are driving it down this street. I’m guessing it’s about the same amount of time it would take me to convince you that the cigarettes you smoke, and whose butts I am now picking up, are not good for your health.

Mary Sexson