Climate action plan testimony: Nila Johnson

Editor's note: The following is the testimonial read by Nila Johnson, in front of the Environmental Rules Board on June 11. For more on Nila, see our About page.

Hello my name is Nila Johnson and I am the former Vice President of the Switzerland County FFA as well as working as the Public Relations specialist for the Farm Bureau.

Because of my past, I have been very active in changing the environmental concerns. For example, during my Junior and Senior years of high school, I researched the current state of the African nation, Somalia, for an FFA project. I took my research and created a new way of implementing the new technologies of Seawater Greenhouses and Drip irrigation systems. This was not only framed at how to make the farming practices easier on the land but as well as the people of Somalia.

Through the FFA I also created programs that taught students the importance of living a green life in order to help the environment not only around them but around the world.

Lastly, I worked closely with the Farm Bureau in my county to reach out to our government at the local and state level to talk about implementing green farming techniques.

Growing up in a rural area, I was taught to appreciate what the environment provided for me and my family. I believe that in today’s world, many do not appreciate our environment which has led to the current devastating state of our world. This fact has not only had a huge impact on how our world is today but how it will be for future generations. Climate change is a problem that is here now and will continue to escalate at a fast pace if we the people do not take a stand to change it. 

Andy Fry