Learn more about our waterways and the Hoosiers who are working to protect them! As part of our 2016 Themed Action, Sustainable Indiana 2016 is celebrating river and wetland conservation and protection. Get involved in protecting your local water and contributing to this important part of our #GreenLegacy
We ventured out to Indy Winter Market at City Market and asked some Hoosiers why they prefer Farmer's Markets to grocery stores and this is what they told us!

This month's webinar panel included Keni Washington, Managing Director of Earth-Solar Technologies, a company that develops renewable energy projects, and Gretchen Hunt, Community Outreach Coordinator from Energizing Indiana, statewide energy initiative that offers free home energy assessments. We explored the the conservation side of green energy (audits and rewards) as well as look at alternatives to fossil fuels.
Sustainable Indiana 2016 Statewide Coordinator John Gibson hosts this informative webinar about economic models being implemented by organizers around the state. Presenters include: Janel Hyland of Munster, Indiana who started an online organic food co-op; Toni Snearly of Knox, organizer for NWI Food Swap; Suzanne Krowiak, organizer for Indy Food Swappers and Dan Sockrider, an Alternative Economic Trailblazer, who shared ideas on local currencies, time banking and other models for working cooperatively within communities.

What, why and how to homestead? Learn from homesteaders across the state what can be accomplished with a small parcel of land. We'll hear from homesteaders about the sustainable homestead "experience": the effort, the satisfaction, advantages and challenges.
Listen in as John Gibson of Sustainable Indiana introduces Earth Charter Indiana's new Executive Director Jim Poyser and learn more about our new initiative, Our Children's Trust. Professor Gabriel Filippelli, Professor of Earth Sciences and Adjunct Professor of Public Health Director, Center for Urban Health Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is on temporary leave from his university duties and joins us from Washington D.C.