Venture Out: Southeast Indiana Business Incubator

Spend a dollar at a big box national chain store and the money leaves the area, but buy local and that money stays at home. Profits from a national chain go to stock holders in distant locations, but local profits go to individuals nearby causing that dollar to circular more quickly. A strong local economy is a key to a sustainable future.

Recognizing this fact, the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce formed Venture Out Business Center in 1996. It provides an affordable space for entrepreneurs seeking to start new businesses. In addition to a place to operate, Venture Out offers guidance and counsel to these entrepreneurs through its partner organizations, such as the Indiana Small Business Center and the Chamber of Commerce, something much needed for the intimidating task of a business start-up. Begun by the Chamber, it was spun off and is now an independent non-profit.

A key component to Venture Out is its kitchen. It’s a state-of-the-art USDA certified kitchen that is used by a number of clients. It’s ideal for individuals with a food product to sell but find their home kitchen isn’t big enough. For $25 an hour, they have access to commercials ovens, a walk-in freezer and cooler, numerous stoves, a large, clean preparation area and all the essentials of a commercial kitchen. For someone starting up an artisan food or catering business, the Venture Out kitchen can make a dream come true.

Samantha Pierce is the Building Manager who keeps things running smoothly. She proudly speaks of the importance of the Center to people facing the challenge of starting their own business. It often makes the difference between success and failure. The Center is currently operating at near capacity but it hopes that businesses will outgrow their space and make way for new start-ups

Buying local makes a lot of sense. A strong local economy is a key component of a sustainable economy. Venture Out is helping Madison Indiana move in that direction.

Venture Out:
975 Industrial Drive Suite 1
Madison, IN 47250

-by Richard Clough