It all began in 2015 when our Exec Director Jim Poyser turned a pun he'd thought up into action: a strawbale made from used plastic straws. Soon he realized the educational opportunities of using #Strawbale as a hands-on, art-and-science project to reduce plastic waste by inspiring personal and civic action. See below for our Resolution you can share and check out our blog post for more information about how to use #Strawbale in the classroom or club. Check out this video about #Strawbale on our Youth Power Indiana site, and check out this video from our friends at Young Voices for the Planet.


Participating restaurants:


Brugge Brasserie / Txuleta Basque Cider House


Corner Wine Bar



Bru Burger


La Piedad

Hop Cat



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Given the negative environmental and economic impact of straws, we will not give straws to customers unless they specifically ask.

WHEREAS, every day, humans throw out approximately 500 million straws; 

WHEREAS, these pieces of plastic can end up as litter in the surrounding environment, including watersheds and eventually oceans, endangering the lives of creatures, worldwide; and 

WHEREAS, plastic takes petroleum and energy in manufacturing, which harms the environment, health and the economy via particulate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we will not give straws to customers unless they specifically ask.

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