Save Yellowwood

Call Governor Holcomb at 317-232-4567

and call or write your State Representatives

Imagine 300 acres of wild forest. Imagine all the species that call 300 acres home. As wildfires tear through precious forests on the west coast, right here in Indiana, the Division of Forestry has plans to tear through 300 acres of our own Yellowwood State Forest Back Country Area in Morgan-Monroe Counties. 

Logging the planned 25% of these trees will have devastating impacts on the habitat of vulnerable creatures, it will take away the splendor of the trails running through this forest, and it will undermine the very purpose of this area: to protect wild spaces in Indiana. 

We have so few truly untouched places left. With over 20 endangered species calling this forest home, and over 200 Hoosier scientists calling for protecting this forest, it is critical that we take our Department of Forestry's planned logging seriously. While the DoF plans to move ahead with cutting trees very soon, the Governor may intercede. Representatives in State government may speak up and stop the destruction. 

Please Take Action today before it's too late for Yellowwood Forest. 

You can find your State Representative's contact information by filling out this link:

You can contact Governor Holcomb during office hours at this number:


You can Tweet the Governor @GovHolcomb

For more information about this forest and the plans for logging there, please see the Indiana Forest Alliance action page:

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