Proof of Resiliency

“Ain't gonna let nobody, turn me around

Turn me around, turn me around

Ain't gonna let nobody, turn me around

Keep on a walking, keep on a talking

Marching up to freedom land.”

-Civil Rights Freedom Song

Thank you Mr. President for reminding us that only 70% of the American people believe that climate change is real and human influenced and that only 97% of scientists believe the same.  We need to remember that 30% or our fellow Americans and 3% of all scientists are still skeptical.

It is regrettable, however, that you chose to stand with the 30 and 3 by withdrawing our nation from the Paris Climate Accords.  This matters because America is seen by much of the world as a standard bearer.  Your administration has just officially abdicated that position.  But, I’m sure you realize by now that most of the country disagrees with your decision and “ain’t gonna let you or the 30% or the 3% or the Koch brothers or the fossil fuel industry or anybody else turn us around.” 

Your regrettable decision has tested the resiliency of scientists, academics, students, parents, environmental activists and major corporations just to name a few that are already taking steps to mitigate climate consequences.  So far, there are no defectors and the resolve to address the climate crisis is growing every day.

This is especially evident in recent statements by several Governors and business leaders.   City mayors are also publicly re-committing to the clean energy transition.  Mayor James Brainard was interviewed Sunday morning on PBS Weekend Edition where he reviewed Carmel’s progress toward a clean energy future and vowed to stay the course.

Just so you know, Earth Charter Indiana intends to continue, undeterred, in its efforts to assist and connect Hoosier municipalities on their path to resiliency.  It also intends to support and encourage Indiana’s youth in their advocacy for a healthy environment.  We fully intend to “keep on walking and keep on talking”  for our children’s children.

- John Gibson

Earth Charter