Common Destiny and a New Beginning

by Kait Baffoe

These are crazy times we are living in. The most recent bout of insanity has come in the form of Keurig smashing. Roy Moore’s supporters have decided to boycott the coffee maker- some going as far as smashing their expensive machines- after Keurig pulled their advertising from Fox News during the Sean Hannity show. Hannity made comments in favor of Moore, although there is mounting evidence- published by the Washington Post- of Moore’s sexual misconduct involving teenage girls- some as young as 14 years old. Twitter has now erupted with videos of people smashing their Keurig’s and a hashtag to boot- #BoycottKeurig.

It is easy to see fault in the reasoning as to why people are smashing their Keurigs (as in the entire reasoning being flawed).  As an environmental activist however, I welcome the smashing. As of today- nearly 1 in 3 American homes has the pod-based coffee machine, but the easy to make coffee pods are not what we can consider “good” for the environment. As of this year, 2017, only four total Keurig pods are recyclable, meaning the 200 remaining cups and pods are not recyclable- due to the composition of the pods. None of the pods are considered biodegradable. In the United States these pods end up in landfills where it will take them over 450 years to break down. The amount of K-cups discarded can circle the earth 12 times.   Even the inventor of the pods John Sylvan has said he regrets designing the product due to its negative impact on the environment. Although he is the inventor, he does not even own the product.

The good news is that Keurig aims to have 100% recyclable pods by the year 2020. Even better news-is that you can by re-useable K-cups now. We talk a lot at Earth Charter, about daily impacts on our environment that each individual can have- and switching from using the plastic pods, to a reusable pod is definitely one way to have a large impact.

Thanks for reading- have a wonderful Monday!

To see some of the pod machine smashing, please visit this link here:

Andy Fry