A More Sustainable Sport

by Kait Baffoe

If you were like me and over 100 million other Americans last night, you watched the Eagles end their dry spell and win Super Bowl LII against the Patriots. It was one of the best super bowls in recent history- as it was a genuine battle on the field. There was something else that was truly great about this Super Bowl too, however. The NFL made a concerted effort to keep over 40 tons of waste out of the landfills this year.  Although the play where the Eagles quarterback Nick Foles scored a touch town will be played for years to come, the goal of the NFL was to have the Super Bowl event itself leave barely a trace. 

The NFL was aiming for a “Zero Waste” Super Bowl, with a major push to encourage visitors to recycle. Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement, “For 25 years, the NFL has strived to reduce the environmental impact of its events and leave a positive green legacy in host communities… Through this project, the league and its partners hope to set a new standard of environmental sustainability at the Super Bowl”.

This is a pattern that we can see at our own home stadiums here in Indianapolis as well. In partnership with Earth Charter Indiana- the Pacers Stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse is implementing its first ever recycling program. Instead of only having “trash” as an option to Field House visitors, there is now an option to recycle the various containers, beer cans, and pamphlets that the games and events produce. This is a major step forward for the City of Indianapolis and for Bankers Life Fieldhouse, but the initiative does not end there.

Please join us March 19 for the Pacer’s Game Night with Earth Charter Indiana where you will learn more about what our stadiums are doing, here in Indianapolis to have a more positive impact on our environment.

Earth Charter