A Blank Page

I put up a new 2018 calendar today and looked at all those blank squares for a minute and tried to imagine what would happen in them. It's actually not really blank, because like so many of you, I use google calendar and there are already quite a few events on there in the coming weeks, and scattered throughout February and March, even April. May is looking good, though! 

What will 2018 bring? It's special in a few ways, for instance, all the first babies of the new millennium will become adults this year. The Winter Olympics will return to South Korea. There will be a midterm election in November and despite the bitter chill settling across Indiana right now, 2018 will probably keep pace with the trend of recent years breaking heat records. 

It's hard to imagine in this cold that our planet has a fever, but fevers come with chills too, and unfortunately for us, this isn't something we can wait out. 

What can we commit to in 2018 that will give all our empty calendar boxes purpose, color, and make this year a healing one for our environment and ourselves? 

Can we commit to personal actions, starting something new around the house or reducing waste? Can we commit to being a part of an organization, a community effort, stepping up to do whatever needs to be done to make things better? Can we commit to talking with policy makers and elected officials about the issues that urgently face us? 

At ECI we have a tremendous number of plans, ideas, and projects we can't wait to fill up our 2018. We hope you can join in, with your time, support, and community networking. 

We are heading to Gary on January 3rd for a Youth Climate Leadership Summit and looking forward to continuing our work with Resilient Indiana cities. There's a lot to be done. Knowing how important it is, those empty boxes are starting to look too few!

We wish you the best, most active, and meaningful new year. 

Shannon Anderson