Earth Charter Indiana

Created in 2001 by John Gibson and Jerry King, Earth Charter Indiana is inspired by the Earth Charter declaration at the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2000. The Earth Charter is a proclamation of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the twenty-first century. ECI was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 2004. Notable programs and accomplishments over those many years include Sustainable Indiana 2016, the Monday Memo, Youth Power Indiana and Resilient Indiana.

We are guided by the principals of the Earth Charter:

1) Respect and care for the community of life;

2) Ecological integrity;

3) Social and economic justice; and

4) Democracy, non-violence and peace.

Our focus is on intergenerational action and education in the face of our climate crisis, what we can do to mitigate the crisis, and how we can adapt with dignity and resilience. Explore our site to discover individual programs and actions.

Earth Charter Indiana is the only U.S. chapter of the Earth Charter and has a fraternal relationship with Earth Charter International.

For information about our privacy policy, click here. Our 2018 annual report can be found here.


Earth Charter Indiana exists to inspire and advance sustainable, just and peaceful living in Indiana by promoting the values and principles of the Earth Charter.

To serve our mission we support education of youth regarding climate impacts, and to support them in expressing themselves to make their voice heard.

Here’s one example of young students from The Children’s House, a hilarious video as they pose as Santa’s Elves.

And a more serious example, a high school student expresses his concern about climate change.